Oh hello, new blog.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, (…well, nevermind. Did you know you can’t just use the OED on the nets without subscribing and paying for the service? Really and truly. And you can’t even get a free trial unless you’re a librarian, or a “central resource coordinator,” whatever that is. How do they expect me to get etymologically satisfied?)

According to thefreedictionary.com, scrap-py is an adjective best described (or, well, third-best described) as “full of fighting spirit.” It’s got a bit of a British feel, and is perhaps an appropriate reaction to the totally bollocks comment someone made over the brilliant football match watched at the pub on the telly. (Alright, that was awful. Remind me to go to England before I try that again.)

The point is, I am in pursuit of scrappiness. I need a little more access to my fighting spirit, as it corresponds both to the deeply and almost heroically mundane (e.g. cover letters) and to the actually unpleasant or terrifying (e.g. skiing down hills at high speeds toward a patch of trees, or tiny, puffy-coated humans). Lots of things can stand in for or correspond with “fighting spirit,” which is what I like about it. Discipline. Motivation, maybe. Fearlessness.

All things which I could stand to pursue.

And while I’m cocooned in a hoodie, further cocooned in a nest of blankets, feeling ever-so-slightly queasy, at nearly 11am on the first day of the year, I’m feeling optimistic. Fresh things are happening. I am moving to a new state in a couple weeks, on something stronger than a whim but weaker than a solid foundation. My city and I were getting on less comfortably than usual, so I decided to leave it. It wasn’t working out. It’s not me, Chicago, it’s you.

I’m coming to Colorado. Thus starts the new year and a log of attempts at scrappiness, plus more than a few general thoughts. This is my new place to become oriented and disoriented. Read along if you are so inclined.

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