Career books I am most interested in reading.

Options I quietly purused while helping with inventory in the Career section of the bookstore last night:

Networking for People Who Hate Networking — Is there anyone with a soul who actually enjoys networking? The answer, I think, is no, because networking is typically founded on the principle of using people for your own gain. In fact, the whole basis of networking is the sheer openness of that fact. While I have found this to be less slimy if (a) you genuinely like the person and (b) you are genuinely excited by the resources they have to offer, I still think reading this book could be useful. (And there is the comfort factor of seeing a career book that, in a way, acknowledges its own ickiness.)

How to be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work — Oh, the honesty.

The Career Within You: How to Find the Perfect Job for Your Personality — The career within me. So organic. So zen. Do I manifest paychecks, too? That would be ideal.

If I manage to become gainfully employed at said bookstore after my move, I should be able to scan and borrow (they let you borrow! Like a library!) and buy up books to my heart’s content. I could be a career expert. In 12 easy steps. For dummies. My resume could be gilded and lavender-scented. I could get a job on Wall Street. I could drink a latte every morning, no foam.

I love to imagine that such things are always only a few books away.

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