The verdict is in —

— it’s DC for sure.

I know, you were on the edge of your seat, weren’t you? I have some trouble accepting (and always feel subsequent relief upon hearing) that other people’s lives don’t always revolve around me and my decisions. I especially expect my parents to consider themselves Despotic Rulers of My Life, and am always shocked when I find myself waiting two days and fretting before calling and informing them of some life-changing decision I’ve made (i.e. “I am moving across the country to X place”) or news I’ve heard (i.e. “I got an interview with X very exciting organization”), and get a mildly interested “Oh, really? Okay, that’s nice,” in response before they launch into the news of the day (usually something along the lines of “My boss gave me a compliment” or “I bought a mop”).

It relieves the pressure to know neither you (dear reader) nor my parents’ worlds are particularly rocked by this information, but well, mine kinda is. Because this sets me off quite nicely toward my rather vague life goal of “live in a lot of different places and do a lot of different stuff.” I still have Portland/Seattle (one of the two..) and maybe Boulder now. And would be happy to have a few months to a year in any number of places — Damascus, Rabat, Paris, Helsinki. Couldn’t someone give me one of those travel shows? I’ll eat weird things and explore local forms of entertainment and discuss history and whatnot. I think those shows have mostly been monopolized by dudes these days.

But as of now it’s just off to DC, land of… wayward politicians and monuments and protest marches. And good Ethiopian food, apparently.

Tomorrow is packing logistics, Thursday is driving to Michigan, Friday is shopping for civilized-people clothes. Saturday or Sunday is driving to DC, Monday is MLK Day, and Tuesday I start work. [Breathe in, breathe out.]

Your brain does a lot of neurological engineering when you go to new environments. I hope for this year to be synaptically successful.

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1 Response to The verdict is in —

  1. Marla says:

    This is a quick transition! Less than a week to haul ass over to a new city. I mean… not that I really need to add to your stress. I wish you the best of luck, and I’m glad to hear you took the position. It will be better in the long run and you won’t be second guessing your time in Boulder. My brother and his wife just moved to DC as well, so you’re, like, neighbors. You have the awful traffic to look forward to as well. Good luck!

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