Oh, blog.

I created you. Now I feel compelled to update you.

I was going to update you yesterday, but instead I read a thesis and wrote an email and listened to a few albums of music (in my defense, this last part was related to my New Year’s resolutions, at least some of which I have to uphold).

Tonight I am updating you under the influence of two exquisite, dark porters and the timely watching of the State of the Union — given my current age and the constant weight of decision, I am drawn to big, reflective speeches. Obama as always did a nice job, appearing smart and gracious. T. and I watched the speech together over beers at a D.C. bar on H Street. He won, foreign policy speaking. The president must have a BIG thing for South Korea, because he mentioned it FIVE times. India got one mention, I think — maybe two?

In other news, I’ve been working for a week — engaging stuff, research. And I now know about (1) Anti-Americanism in Pakistan, (2) China’s and Central Asia’s policies toward Uighurs, (3) and the current situation in Afghanistan. If you’re curious.

I also found a place to live, in Silver Spring, MD. A suburby place with Ikea furniture, two other boarders, one tiny, fluffy dog, one three-legged dog, an affordable rent, and a month-to-month lease.

So there’s the state of my life: set for the next two months. I am hoping to approach something like a stable life eventually, but as of now it’s day-to-day, and I guess that’s alright. The State of my Life is still strong.

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