Things I am tired of:
  • Zombies/zombie obsessions
  • XKCD
  • Hummus
  • The Beatles (yes, the Beatles. And I’ve never not been tired of the Beatles. They are EVERYWHERE. Is it blasphemy for a music-lover to call the Beatles overrated? ‘Cuz I’m GONNA.)
  • People constantly using their smart phones in social situations
  • The word “epic”
  • WordPress mysteriously changing the text format mid-blog-post, and wading through the HTML/CSS to try to change it back and satisfy my OCD
Overdone book trends:
  • Popular memoirs/nonfiction about personal quests to find happiness
  • Vampire-related teen love stories (honestly half the teen fic section, easy)
  • “The Help,” “The Alchemist”
Songs I can’t stop listening to:
Guilty pleasure TV shows I am missing:
  • Glee
  • Grey’s Anatomy
Things I could use tonight:
  • Hoppy beer
  • Good conversation
  • Job offer
  • Dark chocolate
Things I still need to do:
  • Mom’s 60th b-day card (July 26! – I am the worst daughter)
  • Fashion the Jehovah’s Witness interviews into a story (for who?)
  • Change the bulb in my van’s right headlight
  • Update this blog more
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3 Responses to Lists.

  1. Ty says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your perspective on the Beatles.

  2. Gina Gazic says:

    I am also the worst daughter. We need to get this card thing sorted.

  3. mrk says:

    Lists rule! Or maybe databases. Anyhow, the intrernets gots’ta make it easier to build & admire our lists. Also lists of things to go in lists, & Of lists, & one of badass songs found by mark that has 10-20-10 on it and maybe that’s all.

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